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Marketing solutions in the marketplace

Your customers want simple and personalized experiences, no matter how they interact with you. But creating a consistent customer experience becomes more challenging by the day.

Organizations across industries are reexamining how they interact with their customers, employees, partners and citizens to deliver on high expectations of all digital interactions and enable a consistent, personalized experience.

Services We Provide Under Digital Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Design, automate and measure consistent campaigns across channels like email, mobile messaging, social and more. Campaign performance insights give marketers the data they need to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns.

Cognitive capability: rules advisor Create relevant campaigns at every touchpoint. Cognitive rules advisor presents marketers with the best recommendations and offers to apply to campaigns, taking the guesswork out of personalization.

Campaign management application that allows marketers to perform sophisticated audience segmentation against the largest data sources to target omni-channel campaigns - executing in online and offline channels. Scale to the largest volumes of contacts. Deploy 100% to the cloud or on premise.


Customer Insights

Customer data holds insights that can only be unlocked with analytics. The results can help you create campaigns that deliver a new level of success.

Cognitive capability: Struggle detection : Visualize customer journeys, replay sessions and get the insights you need to create effortless customer experiences. For an ROI that pays back investment in four months, identify and resolve customer experience challenges and take quick action to improve conversion.

Cognitive capability: Audience insights : Identify target audiences and generate critical customer insights to prioritize action. With analysis in minutes not weeks, understand individual customer behaviors so you can identify target audiences and the ideal actions to drive conversion and build loyalty.


Digital Experience

The digital experiences you deliver can define your success. Deliver flexible, appealing, consistent experiences across every channel for customers, employees and partners.

Customize digital experiences with personalized, targeted content that connects with customers, coworkers and Business Partners in the most powerful and productive way.

Achieve an iconic brand experience across all digital touch points with this cloud-based content management system (CMS).


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The 'corporate formality' doesn't work anymore; you need to become friendly, if not down to earth, to retrieve and retain your valuable customers and know them more closely. It also helps you better to define your future strategy more intelligently. However, the key factor that many people don't know is maintaining perfect balance between friendly attitude, corporate presentation and above all efficiency to attract customers. This is where a professional social media marketing service becomes significant.

What We Do?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While every website owner blames the look and feel of their website for poor RIO and argues with their vendor, the bottom line is that most of your targeted visitors can't reach you. People in general use search engine to find out your website and that's the prime reason to hire professional SEO service provider.

SEO is the most natural and proven way to improve ranking of keywords/key-phrases in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for a webpage. It works slow but steadily. At City Light InfoTech Services Private Limited we provide strategy driven professional SEO service that includes both On-Page and Off-Page optimization.

What We Do?